Nina and Sigmund - Their information to the planet;

The Norwegian couple Nina and Sigmund met in 1991 and was married in 2001. As soul mates, they both channel information to guide humanity through the transformation the planet is currently undergoing.

Since 2011 they have been in direct contact with the “Ultimate Source of Creation”. The Source feeds humanity with wisdom from the Universe. An important message is that we are not alone. They also inform us that in this present time/space, our world is a rather primitive planet in the Universe. It is, however, presently on its way to more peaceful and higher dimensions.

In March 2011, while Nina was working on their book on couples communication, she received a message that she was meant to write an entirely different book.

Despite massive resistance and fear she opened up to this, and with closed eyes the words started to come to her. After two weeks of receiving preliminary information, the first book Almira coming home was written in the course of a month. The next two books in the series came later that year, titled The New Era and To you from The Source.

In 2013 Sigmund started to open up to the same Source, resulting in the books The Book from The Source, Poems from the Universe and Diary from the Universe. By 2015 they together had produced six books filled with watercolor paintings Sigmund had painted over a period of thirty years.

These six books all share the theme of letting go of our need for logical answers about life. Even if all the books carry the same message, they are quite different in form.